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An expansive international network of expertise, resources, organizations, universities, scientific labs, advanced material companies, testing facilities and information clearing partners working together to evaluate and use Advanced Materials as a solution to current and future health crisis.

AMPT leverages the support and collaboration of its world-wide network to further the interdisciplinary research and development and fast tracking of advanced material-enabled products to solve the societal and technological needs of the pandemic and post pandemic era.
AMPT aims to provide its members:

  • An interconnected, effective pathway for global partnerships
  • A platform for knowledge & resource sharing
  • Tools for identifying expertise and funding
  • And a wealth of strategic information and formulated forecasts and roadmaps to accelerate the use of advanced materials for the management of the toughest global health challenges.

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Applicants are asked to complete the following form to enable a review of their demonstrated technical qualifications, experience, and ability to work in a collaborative environment. To help us expedite reviewing your application, please provide as detailed answers as possible.

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The AMPT network is a key vertical in the Advanced Material Pandemic Taskforce, the participants in the network provide a body of knowledge and depth of experience that is far greater than any single person or entity. As a member of the network, you can participate in creating a body of knowledge and work collaboratively to further the integration of Advanced Material in the pandemic and post pandemic solution set.

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The information shared here as a part of the application form will be kept strictly confidential and not shared with any outside party. Any data shared by the Taskforce will be aggregated and not attributed to any particular respondent. In line with the goal of the organization which is to provide members with opportunities and networking, the information gathered will be used for that purpose internally. By submitting an application, the applicant states agreement to these terms.The data will not be shared with outside or 3rd party organizations.The Taskforce is not requesting confidential or proprietary information in responses to the application questions.