The AMPT Industry and Research Societies are established to recognize Excellence in the Material Science & Technology disciplines.  AMPT society fellows are a distinguished cadre of scientists, innovators, business leaders, entrepreneurs  and technologists who are globally recognized for their achievement and work in research and scientific endeavors and business/ industry engagement and whose insight, expertise and vision fuels the AMPT movement.

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The AMPT network is a key vertical in the Advanced Material Pandemic Taskforce, the participants in the network provide a body of knowledge and depth of experience that is far greater than any single person or entity. As a member of the AMPT societies, you can participate in creating a body of knowledge and work collaboratively to further the integration of Advanced Material in the pandemic and post pandemic solution set.

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The information shared here as a part of the application form will be kept strictly confidential and not shared with any outside party. Any data shared by the Taskforce will be aggregated and not attributed to any particular respondent.The Taskforce is not requesting confidential or proprietary information in responses to the application questions.