Advanced Materials Pandemic Taskforce (AMPT) Launches Regional Chapter Kick-Off Meeting with International Participants

June 19, 2020

The international AMPT Network announces regional chapters and Working Groups to assist with the development of COVID-19, future pandemic and public health solutions using Advanced Materials

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (NEWSWIRE) 18 June 2020 – Advanced Materials Pandemic Task Force (AMPT) — a non-profit, public interest global initiative formed to combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic and future public health and safety emergencies — launches its first regional kick-off meeting with international participants from 8 different countries.

Led by the AMPT Steering Committee, the Task Force will establish a framework to develop strategies, coordinate activities and bring together critical mass and resources from multidisciplinary domains, including Academia, Engineering, Life and Health Sciences, Public Health, Economics and Social Sciences. Through a resource and knowledge-sharing approach, this global network will identify current and future needs to develop and implement innovative solutions based on Advanced Materials in the pandemics and post pandemics era. 
Dr. Zina Jarrahi Cinker, Director General of AMPT and CEO and Managing partner at C6 Advanced Material Firm notes, “I urge everyone in the Advanced Materials sector as well as Technologists, Academics, Scientists, Researchers and Commercial Organisations to join forces, get around one table, share resources and knowledge and implement and fast track science based solutions and innovations for the betterment of human life.”

By creating the AMPT Library of Knowledge by the extensive mapping of user centric needs via an expansive network of scientific labs, advanced materials companies, testing facilities, the Task Force will formulate a roadmap delineating how advanced materials solutions can be deployed at different phases of a pandemic such as COVID-19. 
“We are addressing current needs as well as looking to the future, bringing together experts that are diverse in background and focus areas” says John Hoffman, Chair of the AMPT Steering Committee and CEO of GSMA, ltd, “this broad-based approach will create a ground swell of activities and bring about solutions that will pay huge dividends for society.” 

Dr. Carlo Saverio Iorio, Head of the Belgium Chapter, the AMPT Roadmap Working Group and liaison to Italy Chapter adds, “We began to discuss what will happen after this wave subsides and before the next one comes? The Covid pandemic shows us that all of humanity is really one and that we need a framework large enough to encompass the well-being of people around the world.”
AMPT will provide the expert leadership and coordination required to evaluate and fast track the use of Graphene and other Advanced Materials for the prevention and management of pandemics, while developing a solution for the new wave of technological and societal needs that will arise in the aftermath of the COVID-19 global health emergency.

The AMPT Regional Members and Kick-Off Meeting Attendees included:
  • John Hoffman I Chair AMPT Steering Committee and CEO of GSMA ltd
  • Dr. Carlo Saverio Iorio I Senior Researcher at Université libre de Bruxelles  (Belgium) Roadmap Working Group| Belgium Chapter
  • Dr. Lucia Gemma Delogu | Professor of Biochemistry at University of Padua (Italy) Roadmap Working Group| Italy Chapter
  • Dr.Vincent Bouchiat | CEO at Graphheal (France) France Chapter
  • Dr. Gloria Guidetti | Development Engineer at Tetra Pak (Italy) Roadmap Working Group
  • Dr. Baig Al-Muhit | Vanderbilt University (US) Library of Knowledge Working Group
  • Kazi Tasneem | Vanderbilt University (US) Library of Knowledge Working Group
  • Dr. Daniel Stolyarov | CEO of G6 Materials Corp (US) Applied Public Health & EHS Working Group
  • Manolo Almagro | Managing Director at Q Division (US) US Chapter
  • Liam Critchley | Science Writer at AMPT (UK) UK Chapter
  • Luke Somers | AMPT Knowledge Hub Advisor (US) US Chapter
  • Dr. Raquel Costa Almeida | Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde at Universidade do Porto (Portugal) Portugal Chapter
  • Kimberly King | CEO HumanTec and CoFounder Pangea Challenge US Chapter
  • Dr. Laetitia Gazagnes | Founder of Impuls'Innov (France) France Chapter
  • Ray Gibbs| Commercialization Director at Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre at Manchester University (UK) UK Chapter
  • Dr. Matteo Calvaresi | Associate Professor at University of Bologna (Italy) Italy Chapter
  • Dr. Acelya Yilmazer | Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Ankara University (Turkey) Turkey Chapter
  • Ben Gauthie | Technology Partner at Q Division (US) US Chapter
  • Alan Hill | Partner at C6 Firm (US) US Chapter
More information about AMPT may be found at;

Participating in the non-profit Steering Committee of the AMPT Task Force is;
  • John Hoffman, CEO GSMA Ltd., United States
  • Dr. Zina Jarrahi Cinker, Director General of AMPT and Managing Partner at C6 Advanced Material Firm, United States
  • Dr. Frank Koppens, Professor and Group Leader, The Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), Spain
  • James Baker, CEO of Graphene Engineering & Innovation Center, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Antonio Castro Neto, Director of CA2DM National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Dr. Kari Hjelt, Head of Innovation Chalmers Industriteknik, Sweden
  • Dr. Jiaxing Huang, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Northwestern University, United States
AMPT (Advanced Materials Pandemic Task Force) is a global task force coming together to leverage and use advances in material science for the prevention and management of global health emergencies and meeting the innovation needs of the post pandemic world. Crossing boundaries and borders, transcending politics, territories, cultures and ideologies, organizations, nations and groups come together to share knowledge and resources for the betterment of human life. Advanced Materials are key to the next generation of tailorable, effective solutions to many societal and technological challenges. The AMPT network of scientific labs, advanced material
companies, testing facilities, health organizations, and innovation consumers provides a path for fast tracking current Advanced Material solutions, offering a roadmap for the next generation of solutions and countermeasure methodologies to come.



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