Damm Sponsors PUZZLE X – The World’s First Frontier Materials Hub for Sustainability

Damm is partnering with PUZZLE X 2021, focused on facilitating tech for humanity and Materials Deep Tech innovation for a better world.
January 22, 2022

The PUZZLE X™ initiative is a vibrant global event + a 365-day Deep Tech venture builder dedicated to enabling materials of the future to help our world today. At the leading-edge of science and technology, it is an interception point and a collision ground for science, business, venture and societal impact. It brings Frontier Materials to the forefront to aid the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations by 2030. To that end, Damm, the international beverage company, will support the inaugural event taking place 16-18 November in Barcelona.

Damm is committed to caring for the environment and minimising its impact on the planet with its continuous improvement of industrial processes and initiatives to promote energy efficiency and sustainable solutions across its supply chain. The company promotes circular economy, recycling, responsible sourcing and the use of green electrical energy.

Laura Gil, Digital Transformation Director at Damm, says that the partnership reflects “the company’s priority and commitment to continue being the most sustainable beer company and supporting causes that will help our world become more sustainable”. 

Dr. Zina Jarrahi Cinker, Director General of AMPT, said that: "this partnership is yet another step for PUZZLE X towards our goal of creating an ecosystem that bridges the worlds of Frontier Materials and Sustainability. The food and beverage industry plays a key role in society and we look forward to driving the next generation of technologies that will meet the increasing demand for sustainable products.”

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