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Transcending politics, territories, cultures and ideologies, nations, groups and organizations come together to share knowledge and resources to use Advanced Materials for the betterment of human life.

The task force will establish a frame work to set strategies, coordinate global activities and bring together  critical mass and resources from multidisciplinary domains, including Engineering, Life & Health Sciences, Public Health and Economics & Social Sciences.

Through a resource and knowledge-sharing approach, this global network will identify current and future needs to develop and implement innovative solutions based on Advanced Materials in the pandemics and post pandemic era. By creating a library of knowledge, extensive mapping of user centric needs, an expansive network of scientific labs, advanced material companies, testing facilities, the taskforce will formulate a roadmap delineating how advanced materials solutions can be deployed at different phases of a pandemic such as COVID19.

 AMPT is a non-profit, public interest endeavor. The organization is pleased to announce that as of June of 2020, it is in the process of securing 501 (c)(3) status.


15 COUNTRY CHAPTERS | 8 Working Groups

Library of knowledge

AMPT Network

Map of Needs


A Strategic Advanced Material Roadmap

One of the immediate goals of the Taskforce is to formulate a comprehensive roadmap on How, in Which sectoral areas and on What timeline Advanced Materials could provide innovative pandemic solutions.

Applying the knowledge gathered through the 3 verticals: AMPT Library of Knowledge | AMPT mapping of user-centric, technological and societal needs | and the AMPT network of Advanced Material resources and expertise, the taskforce will provide an analysis of potential underserved areas and current and future opportunities.

Leveraging the roadmap, the Taskforce will  set strategies for integration of Advanced Materials in the new wave of innovation that will rise in the next 12-18 months, as well as the prepardness wave to explore the next generation of solutions for the next global health crisis.

AMPT Library Of Knowledge

The Taskforce will develop a database of Advanced Material scientific studies, data, publications & projects under development related to pandemics management, prevention and user-centric solutions that will be needed in the deceleration interval of the pandemic.

The Library of Knowledge will also provide a comprehensive analysis of current commercial Advanced Material-enabled products, solutions and efforts related to pandemics management and recovery.

AMPT Map Of Needs

The Taskforce will develop a “heat” map for the technological and societal needs of the next 12-18 months arising from the new health & safety mandates, changes in the behavior of individuals and societies and the failure of conventional solutions and products.

The Taskforce will establish a pathway to collect and categorize needs and pain points and create a user centric “need map” that focuses on the post pandemic innovation needs of different segment such as air travel, work place, entertainment & sports, shopping & retail, manufacturing and more

AMPT Network

The Taskforce will establish an expansive network of resources, expertise, partner organizations, scientific labs, advanced material companies, testing facilities and information clearing organizations. The AMPT Network will provide its members an interconnected and effective pathway for global collaboration, knowledge & resource sharing and  facilitating interdisciplinary research and commercial development of Advanced Material-enabled pandemic solutions.

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Steering Committee

Dr. Zina Jarrahi Cinker

AMPT Director General

Advanced Material Pandemic Taskforce


Dr. Jiaxing Huang

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Northwestern University


Dr. Antonio Castro Neto

Director of CA2DM

National University of Singapore


John Hoffman




James Baker

CEO | Graphene Engineering & Innovation Center (GEIC)

University Of Manchester


Dr. Frank Koppens

Group Leader & ICREA Professor



Dr. Kari Hjelt

Director & Head of Innovation

Chalmers Industriteknik


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