AMPT Partner Organizations

Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC)

The Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC) at University of Manchester was created to bridge the gap between cutting edge University-based research into graphene materials and industry. Working with UK-based business and global partners, the Centre creates, tests and optimises new product concepts for delivery to market, along with defining the processes required for scale up and supply chain integration.


The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE®) is a global professional member society that provides information on new materials and processing technologies through chapter technical presentations, journal publications, conferences, and expositions in which professionals can exchange ideas and keep up-to-date with the latest technology and best practices.

ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences

ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences is a research center devoted to the science and technology of light. Located in Castelldefels, ICFO was created in 2002 by the Government of Catalonia and the Technical University of Catalonia. The Institute carries out research and trains scientists and technologists.

Chalmers Industritekni

Chalmers Industriteknik offers academic expertise as consultants within the areas of Energy, Materials, Digitalisation, Design and Circular Economy. We are making tomorrow ready for the future. We have nearly 100 employees, half of whom are PhDs, and our annual revenue is about 110 million. Golaleh Ebrahimpur has been CEO since 2016.

GSMA ltd

The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, uniting more than 750 operators with almost 400 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers and internet companies, as well as organisations in adjacent industry sectors. The GSMA also produces the industry-leading MWC events held annually in Barcelona, Los Angeles and Shanghai, as well as the Mobile 360 Series of regional conferences.

Centre for Advanced 2D Materials and Graphene Research Centre

Established in 2010 within the National University of Singapore, the Graphene Research Centre (GRC) was created for the conception, characterization, theoretical modeling, and development of transformative technologies based on two-dimensional crystals, such as graphene. In 2014, the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Singapore has awarded NUS with a S$ 50 M grant over the next 10 years in order to support the operational costs of CA2DM’s labs and micro and nano-fabrication facility and the exploration, synthesis, and development of new devices based on two-dimensional (2D) materials of which graphene is the most famous.

Global Talent Mentoring

Empowering future knowledge leaders to solve the world’s most pressing scientific and technological challenges. Global Talent Mentoring fosters excellence in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medical sciences (STEMM) worldwide for exceptionally talented youth through evidence-based, long-term online mentoring.


LANOTEC aims actively to create multilateral partnerships for scientific research with institutions such as universities, foundations, private companies, NGOs and other national and international institutions. To integrate the academic, public and private sectors for the development of more productive and environmentally friendly technologies, the government of Costa Rica declared Nanotechnology research of public interest on May 16 th , 2011.

Q Division

Q Division, a global team of business management consultants, connected commerce experts and retail tech engineers who provide clients with digital transformation services, data driven customer experiences and connected commerce solutions.


China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry (CGIA) was established on 13th of July, 2013 with the support of the Chinese Government bodies including Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, National Natural Science Foundation of China and other government institutions; and with the valued guidance of China Industry University Research Collaboration Association, and China Association of Technology Entrepreneurs. CGIA is one of the largest associations in China which focus on commercialization of the graphene technologies and market promotion.

Innovation Network for Advanced Material

The Innovation Network for Advanced Materials (INAM) is a network initiated in 2016 by the Humboldt University Berlin, Berlin Partner, OSRAM, IRIS Adlershof and Fab Lab Berlin. The initial aim of the network was to diminish the existing gap between research and industry in the field of Material Sciences. Since 2016, INAM has continued to grow and attract new members and partners, including many startups from all over the world.

Vireo Advisors

Vireo Advisors is an international expert advising firm with a mission to advance the commercialization of safer and environmentally preferable technologies proactive safety and sustainability evaluation.


Nanoteca is the first company in Chile dedicated to the research, production and marketing of nanotechnology both in processes and products, delivering added value and contributing to improving the quality of life of people.

Grado Zeo Espace

The mission of the company is to develop and commercialize new materials and technologies for industrial application so as to create new products with the aim to improve quality of life, work and environment. The company acts as a go-between among many industrial branches and research fields, particularly in: - Living Materials - Sustainable support - ecofriendly - quality of life - New performing materials and technologies for furnishing, automotive, nautical, medical areas; - Customized textile structures, special yarn and fibers; - Dispersion of carbon nanotubes in polymers, fibers, fabrics, advanced textile structures (geotextile, pre-preg etc);

C6 Advanced Material Firm

C6 is a full service strategy & Implementation firm, redefining the old Advanced Material playbook from breakthrough to industrialization. Discarding outdated practices and clunky, unwieldy models of market development and partnerships, C6 forges the path to enable agile industry integration of advanced materials across different verticals and on a global scale

Your Science BC

Yourscience BC's mission is to empower the innovation in companies, research, territories and public bodies, through an innovative approach. The company supports the companies in promoting their innovation or in filling their technological gap, collecting full and appropriate panel of technologies at the "level of readiness"​ required through our tech transfer services. Yourscience BC also supports public institutions by fostering innovation policies, defining the strategy, providing support in finding the most suitable funding framework and, most important, recruiting the companies suitable for the goals of the strategy.

Omni Nano

Omni Nano believes that introducing a Nanotechnology course into high school and college curricula will better prepare students for their professional science and engineering careers in the globalized, high-tech economy of the 21st century. Omni Nano is a 501(c)(3) educational charity.Omni Nano’s mission is to produce high-quality, innovating, interactive, and original educational materials for students to learn, and for instructors to teach, the fundamental principles of Nanotechnology -- both in-classroom and through online distance learning Aligned with the appropriate standards, these materials -- including textbook, homework assignments, quizzes and exams, and online interactive learning tools -- will prepare the next generation of scientists, engineers, medical personnel, business people, and entrepreneurs.


AIS CHANNEL is the leading online platform for surgical learning, sharing and discussion. AIS CHANNEL is the meeting point to improve outcomes in surgery by providing access to healthcare professionals to high quality and personalized training and education. AIS CHANNEL is our disruptive initiative that offers universal free access to high quality and avant-garde surgery training content, performed by the best elite international surgeons, with the aim of creating a unique training experience for surgeons, healthcare professionals and students around the world