Introducing " AMPT AI Art Expression"

Where Art and Science Collide

In 2015 and at a Google hosted art show in San Francisco, the Artificial Intelligence Community showcased the potential of creating art with AI.

In the “AI ART Expression” series, AMPT collaborator, Mr. Staut uses a Neural Style Transfer approach to feed a composition image and a style image through the DeepStyle algorithm from to create expressive images that reflect the knowledge shared by AMPT network of scientists and technologists.

The DeepStyle algorithm was Initially invented to help scientists and engineers see what a deep neural network is seeing when it is looking into a given image. Later the algorithm became a new form of psychedelic and creative abstract art.

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New Era of Art Made Possible by AI & Material Science

Intelligent Art Expression of AMPT Knowledge Hub

Each week, AMPT Knowledge hub will feature an AI-generated illustration by Steve Stout expressing the information and knowledge shared through the articles authored by AMPT network of scientists, technologists and futurists on Advanced Materials.

Advanced Materials are the key to the next generation of computing power which enables the next leap in this art form.

"This melange of art & science has been made possible by decades of transformational advances in semiconductor industry and material science." Dr. Zina Jarrahi Cinker, AMPT Director General

Steve Stout

"I use Artificial Intelligence to create artful new images. "

" Today, scientists need more compelling scientific illustrations to get their points across, while artists are using fractals and 3D models more often than paint or clay. We can use this art form to better communicate scientific news and discoveries."

What science & ART can do