PUZZLE X closes a successful first edition setting a new horizon for Frontier Materials

The first edition of PUZZLE X is focused on the use of Materials Deep Tech to build a better and more sustainable future. Organized by Advanced Material Future Preparedness Taskforce (AMPT), Fira de Barcelona and Mobile World Capital Barcelona, the event contained three days of showcases, visionary talks and networking, with 1,133 attendees. The aim of PUZZLE X is to create a new market for Frontier Materials to solve humanity’s most pressing challenges, in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
November 18, 2021

Supported by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, the Government of Catalonia and Barcelona City Council, PUZZLE X gathered leading international experts such as Nobel laureate, Konstantin Novoselov; Pablo Rodríguez, ambassador for [X], Google’s Moonshot Factory; Andrés De León, CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies; and Carolina Aguilar, CEO and Co-Founder of INBRAIN Neuroelectronics, among many others. PUZZLE X featured on its inaugural edition three one-day programs: X-Change (November 16th), Co-Create (November 17th) and Ignite (November 18th).

The Director General of AMPT and Chief Creator of PUZZLE X, Dr. Zina Jarrahi Cinker, said, “We are ecstatic about the overwhelmingly positive response we received over the past three days. And this is just the start. This week we clearly saw the potential of Frontier Materials to build a more prosperous and sustainable world. From printing plant-based meat, graphene textiles and green concrete, to printed electronic foundries in a box and flexible transparent sensors. These technologies are the building blocks of the future, and PUZZLE X is a collision ground where all actors involved are able to meet to co-create a better world.”

PUZZLE X™ Venture

The goal of PUZZLE X is to go beyond a yearly event and create an environment capable of nurturing disruptive ideas and transform them into tangible, useful tools and products. To do so, AMPT and the Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCB) are creating a venture ecosystem through the MWCB’s Collider program to incubate and accelerate innovative startups in Barcelona, with globally scalable solutions. PUZZLE X Venture Barcelona will become the first hub of entrepreneurial activities that will attract Materials Deep Tech companies and talent and establish Barcelona as the epicentre of Frontier Materials and the crossroads with SDGs.

PUZZLE X was jointly held with Smart City Expo World Congress and Tomorrow Mobility, gathering over 14,000 attendees at Fira de Barcelona’s Gran Via venue. In 2022, it will hold its second edition from November 15 to 17.


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