DNA Robots in the Bloodstream

🤖 Nanobots with programmed strands of DNA can identify different types of human cells, ranging from solid tumours to abnormal white blood cells associated with leukaemia.

🧬 These DNA nanobots have been tested in animal studies where blood clotting drugs have been injected into blood vessels around tumours to starve them of blood supply.

☁️ These tiny robots could one day be used to constantly monitor cells in our body with information transmitted to the cloud in real-time allowing humanity to reach a greater state of connectivity.

❌ Tumour cells could be identified and eradicated by the nanobots long before scans can see them.

🫀 These nanobots could even be programmed to combat plaque in veins and solve dietary issues by ingesting harmful cholesterol and clearing passageways.

Source: https://interestingengineering.com/nanobots-will-be-flowing-through-your-body-by-2030

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