How To Be An "Entrepreneur Scientist"

May 18 | 2022 | 8 AM - 1 PM CT


A Powerful Masterclass to Bring Your Scientific Invention to the Market

This masterclass provides a guide on what is needed in order for you to bring your invention to market so that you can maximize your positive impact on society. We provide tools and processes to increase your probability of success.

About the masterclass

This masterclass challenges you to think differently about your IP or innovation and to understand the shift in mindset required to become a successful entrepreneur. We will explore what a successful startup requires to survive the early stages and the famous “valley of death”.

We bring together lessons learned from dozens of deep technology startups launched across Europe. We take a deep dive into the unique challenges of launching and building a founding team. We detail the legal agreements, licensing agreements, services (or R&D) agreements, shareholders agreements (including our CAP Table) and other requirements for launching a company.

Finally, we look at how you might finance your startup through both public and private funding mechanisms and what investors are expecting from you. By the end of the class, we want you to be able to assess the commercial viability and launch readiness of your IP backed venture.

Who is it for?

It is for PhDs, postdocs, scientists, researchers and engineers, anyone with a strong technical background who has strong IP and is thinking about starting a company. It is also for technology transfer or KTT staff who support researchers in entrepreneurship.

What will it cover?

In this masterclass, we will review a few overarching elements:

1. Founding Team- what does an ideal founding team consist of and how to find, recruit and incentivize the necessary people

2. Commercialization- what options are there for an inventor to take their innovation to market and what are the commercial implications of each. How to decide whether it is worth it or not

3. Capital- where can a founding team raise money and what are the implications and impact of the fundraising on the company over the long term

4. Administration- what exactly needs to be in place to start a company, how long does it take, how much does it cost and what needs to be done

What will you learn?

•      How to understand the common challenges researchers struggle with when starting a company

•      How to assess if your technology is attractive as a stand-alone startup

•      How strong does the founding team appear to outside investors and where do I go to find talent to fill gaps on my team

•      How to pull together your capitalization (Cap) table and understand its relevance to investors

•     How to determine whether or not a tech transfer license is right for you and determining whether or not you can build a sustainable company given specific conditions

•      How to determine how much money you can make with your IP and determining where it will come from and when

•      How to access useful tools to help you think through the attractiveness of your IP and to reach out to the industrial world to find interested clients

About the instructor

Luca Venza is the Director of Tech Transfer and Acceleration at IESE Business School and Founder of Lotus Partners, a deep tech venture builder which specializes in co-founding science backed startups with strong IP in the materials sciences space. Luca is trainer, mentor and/or board member for dozens of science-backed startups each year through a broad range of programs (World Economic Forum, the Graphene Flagship, EIT Health, EIT Food and Invest Horizon) and through private initiatives.

Previous edition of the workshop at PUZZLE X 2021 in Barcelona

During the inaugural edition of PUZZLE X which brought together 1100 attendees from 57 countries, Luca led the “How to be an Entrepreneur Scientist” co-creation session. The workshop brought together specialists from both deep science creation and business to explore radical new solutions to the most challenging SDGs. Participants focused on ideating and building foundational ideas to create game changing new entrepreneurial ventures. The interactive workshops are a key component of AMPT year-around activities.

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Explore the MATTERverse with 3 immersive workshops & masterclasses

Each learning session is carefully curated and designed to address and expand on one of the six focal points of AMPT. (learn more) The flexible format of the event allows you to mix and match the classes. Once you register you will be asked in how many sessions you would like to participate. Please note that the co-creation workshops are highly interactive and you will work closely with other attendees in virtual group settings.

Co-Creation Workshop

Healthcare: R&D and Sustainability

Dr. Laetitia Gazagnes

Impuls’Innov (France)


Fashion & 2D Materials

Sir Prof Kostya Novoselov & Lindsay Hanson

Nobel Laureate , NUS   (Singapore)
CEO, Digital Couture   (UK)


How To Be An Entrepreneur Scientist?

Luca Venza

Director of Technology Transfer
IESE Business School (Spain)

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