Healthcare: R&D and Sustainability

May 18th | 2022 | 8 AM - 1 PM CT

A Co-Creation Workshop

An interactive workshop to implement sustainability in Corporate strategy

Discover how R&D teams can approach new challenges with the vision for sustainable global impact. During this 2-hour immersive co-creation workshop we will deep-dive into the world of sustainability & corporate innovation strategy in healthcare.
The target of this workshop is to equip participants with the key resources needed to apply a “sustainable attitude” in R&D teams for developing a Sustainable Innovation Strategy.

About the workshop

Participants will work on a case study in the field of Healthcare: the development of a new wearable smart sensor by considering some key aspects of sustainability.

The workshop will follow the approach based on the Global Sustainable Innovation Strategy developed by Impuls’Innov.
By considering the product’s technical specifications, participants will think about the right questions they must ask to ensure the most sustainable global impact. We will elaborate on the choice of raw materials, the management plan for waste emissions, business model choices, partner choices, end of life considerations of the new product and more.
This workshop is an invitation to change the mindset of corporate teams from the product development stage with a focus on Innovation Strategy.

Who is it for?

CEO, Innovation Teams and Leaders, CTOs, R&D Teams and Leaders, Designers, Marketing Leaders and Startups in the Healthcare Industry.

What will it cover?

This interactive workshop will feature 3 co-creation groups working on a Healthcare: Smart Sensors case study. Each group will develop solutions and get key data to evaluate:

1.  Will the development and production of the new product compromise the natural capital or not?
2. Could the business be profitable without compromising nature?
3. Can the business be neutral or positive in terms of waste creation?

Participants will work on the product chain and co-create solutions for partially reusing  waste to generate additional revenues, and discuss processes for the reuse and recyclability of the products in the end of life cycles for which the company is responsible for.

What will you learn?

This workshop will cover how to implement sustainability measures at the core of Innovation Strategy for a smart materials-based innovation.

•      Integrate and practice a sustainable way of thinking from the beginning of the development stage and in the creation of the Innovation Strategy

•      Ask yourself the right questions for the creation of technical specifications of a new product and in elaborating the product chain and creating the business model to get the most sustainable direction as possible

•      Understand how to get the key elements during the development stage to know if your business could be profitable without compromising Nature and if it could be neutral or positive in term of waste, and co-create to imagine some solutions to get these elements

•      Assess the limits of resources/raw materials used during product development

•      Integrate sustainability in the choice of raw materials and in the plan of management for waste emissions and the end of life of your new products

•      Find the first key elements to answer to these questions and identify people & organizations who would have the right information to implement the approach

•      Explore the next steps to apply the “sustainable attitude” in the development of your product and in your Innovation Strategy

About the instructor

Laetitia Gazagnes is the Founder at Impuls’Innov and an invited speaker and workshop leader at PUZZLE X 2021. Laetitia is an Expert and Coach in Sustainable Business Innovation and Marketing Strategy with a PhD in the Chemistry of Materials. She specializes in working with companies to develop a 360 sustainable innovation strategy and offers her expertise on technological impact whilst minimizing waste.

Previous edition of the workshop at PUZZLE X 2021 in Barcelona

During the inaugural edition of PUZZLE X which brought together 1100 attendees from 57 countries, Laetitia led the "Sustainability in Corporate R&D" workshop. Participants focused on how to implement sustainability measures when developing graphene and other frontier material innovations. The workshop brought together industry leaders and companies working on Materials Deep Tech to dissect key considerations when balancing global impact and profitability. The interactive workshops are a key component of AMPT year-around activities.

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Co-Creation Workshop

Healthcare: R&D and Sustainability

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Impuls’Innov (France)


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